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OzBunnyCon 2016

Family friendly, open board gaming over 4 days of Easter in Melbourne, Australia

After the success of last year, this event will run in 2016 in a bigger venue. We are also renaming it to OzBunnyCon to avoid confusion with another event. Our new name is OzBunnyCon.


  • Fri March 25, 2016. 10am – Midnight       ***** SOLD OUT *****
  • Sat March 26, 2016. 10am – Midnight      ***** SOLD OUT *****
  • Sun March 27, 2016. 10am – Midnight     ***** SOLD OUT *****
  • Mon March 28, 2016. 9am – 10pm            ***** SOLD OUT *****


(Includes 30 cent booking fee)
4 Day Pass – Adult $30, Kids $15 (Age 5 – 18), Family (2 Adults + 2 Kids) $75
Day Pass – Adult $10, Kids $5 (Age 5 – 18)


Who should attend?

Anyone who enjoys the social activity of meeting like-minded people, having fun and giving their mind a workout. Open to all ages – Kids to Seniors and everyone in between. This will be a kid friendly event. (Kids to be supervised by their parents/guardians).

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play the game, there will be someone happy to take you through the rules and teach most of the games.

Come with family and friends or come alone and make new friends. There is always a game starting up looking for players and if not just wait a few minutes. Come and help me with the jigsaw while you are waiting.

What type of games will be played?

Board games, board games and more board games. You will see a large variety of modern board games including Family, Strategy, Card, Dexterity and Party games.

Bring your own games or pick something from the Games Library. You might not see much Monopoly being played but it will be available in the Games Library along with other classics.

Games Library

Don’t have any games? No problem – borrow something from our library. We will have over 200 titles available. Click links to see contents.

Games being added to library all the time

  • iLoveBoardGames Family Library (click link to view)
    Family games, party games, dexterity games, modern classics and old classics
  • Kerrin’s Games (click link to view)
    Popular modern strategy games
  • PAX AUS games library – a selection of the latest releases
    504, Among Nobles, Between Two Cities, Cacao, Carcassonne: Star Wars (x2), Celestia, Clacks, Codenames (x2), Concordia: Salsa expansion (without base game), Cthulhu Realms, Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark, El Luchador Fantastico Grande, Exploding Kittens, Exploding Kittens: NSFW, Helios, Loopin’ Chewie, Mombasa, Monster Town, Mysterium (x2), New York 1901, No Fish! (x2), Orléans, Patchistory, The Prodigals Club, Sandcastles, Seven!, The Bloody Inn, The Builders: Middle Ages, The Golden Ages, Tides of Time, Vasco da Gama, Viewpoint, Viewpoint Reflections, Xenon Profiteer
  • A selection from Cardboard City Games Club (Formerly Royal Standard Eurogamers)

    7 Wonders, Alhambra, Black Fleet, Bruges, Camel Up, Discworld, Elder Sign, Ghost Stories, Grog Island, Libertalia, Pandemic, RoboRalley, Small World, Smash Up, Splendor, Thurn and Taxis, Ticket to Ride, Tokaido

  • As other games libraries become available, the above list will be updated

Sample of Family Games

Sample of Family Games


Mt Waverley Youth Centre

Mt Waverley Youth Centre
45 Miller Cres, Mt Waverley VIC 3149

Right next to the library, opposite Mt Waverley station
Close to public transport and freeways.

Venue details

This is a much bigger venue than the one we used in 2015.
2 kitchens, more fridges,  more toilets, more tables, more chairs, more everything!

Main Hall –  273 sq mt. Open gaming, Dexterity games area, Games Library.

Meeting Room 1 – 75 sq mt. Flea Market and Special Events.
Want to run an event or tournament? Get in touch.

Meeting Room 2 – 20 sq mt. A room perfect for those very, very long games that require concentration. Available for 7 hour slots. Book as many slots as you need.
The room has 2 x 1800mm tables and 15 chairs.

Contact Kerrin to book a time slot(s). or 0425 153090

Meeting Room 2

A smaller room ideal for the pre-arranged long games that require a quieter environment.
The room has 2 x 1800mm tables and 15 chairs.
Time9am - 5pm5pm - Midnight
Friday*** Dan Devine ****** Dan Devine ***
Saturday*** Melissa ***
Study room
** Trent - Come and try RPG's **
Sunday** Ben Turner **
Arkham Horror
MondayAvailableNot available


Flea Market – Saturday 10am – 11am. Noon – 1pm

Time to clear out your shelves to make space for new games. Bring games to sell. Any holder of a ticket (any ticket) can have a space. You will be asked when you buy your ticket. If you don’t want to attend OzBunnyCon but would like to have a space in the flea market, you can buy a special ticket for $5.

Buyers do not need a ticket. Anyone can come and buy at the flea market but you better come early to snap up the bargains!

Sellers will be able to set up their items for sale in the designated area from 11am. Doors will open at Noon for buyers.

Sellers need to contact me to organise their space before March 22, 2016. If you have games to sell but can’t come at that time, please contact me and we will arrange something for you.

Complete Event Schedule 

OzBunnyCon Organiser

Kerrin Addis

Kerrin Addis

Please contact me with any questions, flea market enquires, ticket enquiries, running an event or anything else that comes to mind.
Kerrin Addis 0425 153 090

Presented by Melbourne Meeples

Event Links


Facebook Group: – Join in the conversation

BGG Geeklist – What shall we play

Twitter:  #ozbunnycon Follow on twitter to get any news

Instagram: not much happening here yet

If you love playing board games then check out the next convention coming up June 10-13, 2016. It is going to be great fun! SOLD OUT!

Meeplecon: Dec 9 -11, 2016. Join the mailing list to keep up to date

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Playing Prototypes


Monday March 28, 2016 Noon – 3pm – Meeting Room 1 (Events)

Currently 6 games to try


Designer:  Sye Robertson
Game Title: ‘Hotel Game’ (development name)
Category:  Light card game, puzzle, competitive
Number of Players:  2-4
Time to play:  25 min
Description: Players are architects competing with each other to get more of their designs in a hotel commission.
Stage of development:  Early-mid stage

Designer:  Peter Sanderson
Game Title: Mothership
Category:  Tabletop Dice Wargaming
Number of Players:  2-4
Time to play:  1-3 hours
Description: Mothership involves tactical space battles while managing income and extensive tech upgrades, allowing each fleet to be tailored to your own play-style. For more info please visit:
Stage of development:  Finished – Waiting for KS campaign

Designer:  Ben Boersma
Game Title: Sungem Run
Category:  Hidden role / deduction
Number of Players:  2-8
Time to play:  10-15 min
Description: Sungem Run! is a 2-8 player hidden role game that utilises dice, your natural sneakiness and skills of misdirection. Collect the most Sungems and expose the other Tribes while keeping yourself hidden and avoiding the deadly Podmothine!
Stage of development:  Final stages – art to finalise still.

Designer:  Karl Lange
Game Title: Treasure Hunters (working title)
Category:  Adventure / Dice-rolling
Number of Players:  2-6
Time to play:  10 min per person
Description: You are scouring the skies in search for buried treasure, but you are not the only one!
Each player must captain their ship to explore the clouds in search of treasure! To win you must collect treasure you find on floating islands before your opponents do or steal it from them!
While doing so, you will need to manage your wealth to increase your crew and upgrade your ship, allowing you to gain the upper hand on your challengers and come away as the victor!
Stage of development:  Middle

Designer: Denise Shaw
Game Title: Celebrity – Race to the A-List
Category:  Party
Number of Players:  4
Time to play:  45min – 90 mins
Description:  Celebrity – Race to the A-List – Race your family and friends to the Celebrity A-List. Celebrity trivia, celebrity impersonations, which celebrity am I? and fun celebrity challenges along the way.
Collect fan club members as your travel around the celebrity star board, with the first person to the finish with at least 1 million fan club members wins.
Stage of development:  Finished.

Designer: Josh Crane
Game Title: Hexa-Gone
Category:  Strategy
Number of Players:  2-8
Time to play:  10min – 30 mins
Description: The game involves players trying to isolate players on single tiles by removing the tiles around them, game is team based and power cards can help flip a bad situation
Stage of development:  Mid Way.



OzBunnyCon 2016 Event Schedule

Main Hall

Open Gaming, Games Library, Dexterity Alley
FridayMarch 25, 201610am - Midnight
SaturdayMarch 26, 201610am - Midnight
SundayMarch 27, 201610am - Midnight
MondayMarch 28, 201610am - 10pm

Unscheduled Games – more details when you arrive
King/Queen of the Con – a metagame developed by Trent and Bonnie
Perpetual Telestrations

Meeting Room 2

A smaller room ideal for the pre-arranged long games that require a quieter environment.
The room has 2 x 1800mm tables and 15 chairs.
Time9am - 5pm5pm - Midnight
Friday*** Dan Devine ****** Dan Devine ***
Saturday*** Melissa ***
Study room
** Trent - Come and try RPG's **
Sunday** Ben Turner **
Arkham Horror
MondayAvailableNot available

Meeting Room 1 - Scheduled Events

Events being added all the time.
7 rectangular tables and 50 chairs.
Saturday10am-11amFlea Market

organise your own game here

Facebook Group: – Join in the conversation

BGG Geeklist – What shall we play