Family friendly, open board gaming over 4 days of Easter in Melbourne, Australia.

Save the dates

Fri March 30, 2018.
Sat April 1, 2018.
Sun April 2, 2018.
Mon April 3, 2018.


Monash Council have decided to renovate all the properties in 2018 so therefore we cant get the Mt Waverley Youth Centre. We are currently looking at other locations for 2018.

Who should attend?

Anyone who enjoys the social activity of meeting like-minded people, having fun and giving their mind a workout. Open to all ages – Kids to Seniors and everyone in between. This will be a kid friendly event. (Kids to be supervised by their parents/guardians).

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play the game, there will be someone happy to take you through the rules and teach most of the games.

Come with family and friends or come alone and make new friends. There is always a game starting up looking for players and if not just wait a few minutes. Come and help me with the jigsaw while you are waiting.

What type of games will be played?

Board games, board games and more board games. You will see a large variety of modern board games including Family, Strategy, Card, Dexterity and Party games.

Bring your own games or pick something from the Games Library.

Don’t have any games? No problem – borrow something from our library, or join in a game with other players, they will be happy to teach the game to you.

OzBunnyCon Organiser

Kerrin Addis

Kerrin Addis

Please contact me with any questions, flea market enquires, ticket enquiries, running an event or anything else that comes to mind.
Kerrin Addis 0425 153 090

Presented by Melbourne Meeples

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